about moi

"You know, it's like... When I'm feeling really crazy... I just get on my broom and fly away. I go real real far away. Cause that's just... what I... do."

I've been blogging since I was a young tween, using it as another outlet to let my thoughts out... sometimes publicly, sometimes privately. However, my style (and topics) of blogging shifted in 2008 from "Dear Diary, today I met a cute boy", to just being a fun hobby and a way to explore and write about San Francisco's culture, along with the amazing activities this city has to offer.

In 2013, I decided to hone my focus of this blog on my own personal style, just as another fun hobby to do in my spare time, and also as an outlet to be creative. That is my favorite thing about up keeping this blog to me... It allows me to be creative, without the seriousness of someone who is trying to get into Harper Bazaar, and the light heartedness of a Beyoncé themed list on Buzzfeed.com.

I'm a Pisces with some personality traits of an Aries. That's the joy of being on the cusp. We'll probably get along if you're a Taurus, Scorpio, or Virgo. Not to say that we won't if you aren't, but more likely so if you are. When I'm not busy watching  Love and Hip Hop or Ru Paul's Drag Race, I'm most likely roaming some where in the nooks and crannies of San Francisco, while blogging about it. Or dancing around my apartment. Or people watching.