Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank You, RiRi

Everyone PAUSE what you're doing and take a moment to visit Rihanna's twitter account. She recently gifted her #Navy a download link to her 8th studio album ANTI to her 55 million followers in the twitter-sphere. Thank you for the perfect hump day present, RiRi!

My thoughts? It's definitely a mature, moody, and mellow album. Didn't really go in the direction I was expecting it to, especially since the release of #BBHMM and the latest single, Work, that she released earlier today featuring Drake. Not much of a club banger, which we all love the Barbados Princess for, but I can definitely appreciate the "lets just get stoned and vibe with the music" type of feel this album have. And with a free download from Rihanna herself, who can complain? Download Rihanna's ANTI HERE


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Green On Greenery

Photos shot by Lakee, in his Secret Garden in the Mission. Check out his blog HERE.

"I'm back on the scene, my favorite color is green" - Lil' Kim. More specifically I like money green, just like my jacket. Shout out to Sherri at Serge-A-Lot on Ocean Ave in Ingleside for tagging my name on it.

First post of 2016, and I came back for you. Only my true Lil' Kim fans will understand that! But if you don't, here's the video for you guys. Happy 2016, y'all!