Sunday, November 8, 2015


Finally reunited with Imelda (from SunsetShutterBug) again. It's been almost an entire year since we linked up and taken pictures together, so it was only right that we'd spend an entire Saturday hanging out and catching each other up on this so called life. Much needed time with Imelda, for sure.

Photos taken by Imelda in SoMa.

You know those cheap ass t-shirts you find a souvenir shops that are like 2 for $15? Pretty much my souvenir when I took a spontaneous trip to NYfuckingC with my cousin over the summer. Best $7 I've spent this past summer.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oldie, but goodie

Oh, hai! So my last post was in March. Really??? Life happens, I guess. Since turning 30, I started a new position about 3 months ago in the education field (I mentioned that I was looking for a career change, and I got it!), and I'm really enjoying my time at this new gig. Took a couple of trips to the East Coast to see my mom and other family members, and also took a trip to Mexico back in August. Besides that,  I've just been busy getting acclimated into my new role as an Enrollment Rep for this small college in the East Bay. Can't complain!

Halloween came and went, and we're officially in the holiday season now. And next thing you know, it'll be the end of 2015! So here's my attempt to finish off the year strong with a couple of posts I've had in store for, like, the longest time ever.

Photos taken @ the JEWseum in Downtown.

I honestly have no idea when these photos were taken, but all I know if I was packing some weight on here. I swear I shed a pound or 2 since these were taken. I love how clean black and white looks, and it's so easy to wear. Just threw a distressed denim jacket over myself to dress everything down, and so it wouldn't look like I was doing the most on this particular Sunday morning.

Speaking of doing the most, have you guys read that viral #ZolaAdventure story that was trending on Twitter. That entire story is the EPITOME of doing the most, and I loved every second of it. Should of been titled Zola's Ratchet Hoe-Venture in Miami.