Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 80's Baby

Pictures taken on location in the Inner Sunset.

It's officially March! We've been well into Pisces season (a.k.a. Fuck the rest of y'all seasons) but March is my birthday month, which lands on the 19th. Turning 30 years old in 19 days makes me both happy and bummed out. I still feel young at heart and in spirit, so exiting my 20's to enter a new box does make me kind of sad.

But on the other hand, my mentality has definitely matured over the years. I'm now at a point in my life where I want so much more for myself that I'm starting to work towards certain goals which I would like to accomplish coming into my 30th year. Funny how the older I get, the more motivated and ambitious I become. Wish I felt this way when I was turning 20... I would've been a millionaire chilling on a yacht with Bey, Jay, and Baby Blue right now or something. Oh well, let's hope that happens when I turn 40!


  1. Love this outfit post! So happy to see you again!


  2. Happy March, sweetie xx Hope this month's gonna be fantastic for u <3 We all have that feeling when out age is changing it's tens digit hahah xx Such a great outfit u've pulled up <3 Love the denim jacket and the dark green rolled up trousers and those shoes xx Have a lovely week ahead, my dear xx

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  3. Love the look! 30's not so bad. ;)

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  4. turning 30 is amazing! embrace it x

  5. Good combination!!