Thursday, March 26, 2015

Birthday Suit

Its been a week since my 30th birthday on March 19th. I have to say, after the initial "OMG, I'm officially in my 30's" freak out, I've come to realize: Aaliyah was right, y'all... Age ain't nothing but a number! *unless you were 14 years old like she was when she got married, of course*.

I'm really excited to pursue and achieve new goals coming into this new decade. It's funny how turning 21, I had a perception of where I wanted to be in life by the time I got to this age. And now that I'm *AT* this age, my priorities and goals have definitely changed. I'm starting off my 30th year on a positive note and great energy, and I'm definitely excited for what this new decade has in store!

Had an UH-mazing birthday, by the way. Had a date with my city during the day, and then a date with my boyfriend at night. And then a date with some drag queens at the Starlight Room, after celebrating with my friends during Sunday brunch. What more could I have asked for? Here's to another 30!


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