Friday, September 5, 2014

Back To No School

Hey guys, sorry for the leave of absence I recently took. I spent an entire 2 weeks over on the East Coast hanging out in Washington D.C. and visiting family in Virginia. I'm officially back in San Francisco now (for about a week and a half, actually) and it's been hell trying to get back into the swing of things. I for real need a vacation from my vacation. Who wants to fund it?

So we are officially into September, which means back to classes from a lot of college students. I graduated from SFSU years ago, so that statement doesn't apply to me anymore. Shout out to all the college kids trying to earn a degree though. As corny as it may sound, I actually kind of miss going to college and the school work to accompany it.

Spent the day hanging out with Imelda at South Park, a little neighborhood I had no idea existed tucked away in the SoMa area. It kind of reminded me of a neighborhood you would see on the East Coast, with all the trees lined up through out the sidewalks, along with the large park area that is in the center of the neighborhood. Discover something new here everyday. 

My canvas Fossil backpack has been pretty much my favorite city bag the last 2 months. I don't know... I just like the vintage look of canvas with the leather trimming. It's also gives me a nostalgic feeling of when I was back in college and would drag 5 tons worth of books in my bag from class to class. Now, it just holds my city essentials from traveling between mine and Cody's apartment.

Photos by Imelda, over at Sunset Shutter Bug blog. Pictures taken on location at South Park in SoMa.

The start of September actually signifies San Francisco's 30 days of summer. September is actually the hottest month here in SF. So not going to put away my tank tops and coochie cutters away just yet. It's about to get real hot in the City by the Bay :).



  1. I love this look! That hat is the perfect finishing touch.

  2. Love the post. Welcome back. ;)

  3. I love the way how you wear your trousers and shoes! Love it!
    xoxo, anna

  4. Hello from Spain: nice photos. I like the backpack and shoes. Keep in touch