Monday, August 4, 2014

Unbothered Or Nah?

Hiiyyeee! Had one of those ain't worried about nothin' à la French Montana type of weekends. Which could be why I'm in such a good mood for a Monday. Ha! Spent the weekend playing with baby nieces at the beach, watched a screening if Clueless at Dolores Park, spent quality time with my boyfriend... I mean, what is there to be worried about?

I received a gift card courtesy of a couple weeks ago, and this pocket square was one of the 4 items I chose from their collection of menswear accessories. In all honesty, a simple pocket square is the oldest trick in the book to give your outfit a pop of color or a way to tie your entire look together. I like to wear them casually, with a simple cotton blazer, and a pair of colored chinos. 

Photos by Cody. Pictures taken on location in the Financial District.

Thank you for the gifts. Everyone make your way over there for a mass collection of menswear accessories to add into your wardrobe.

In other news, how many of you guys heard Beyoncé's Flawless Remix featuring Nicki Minaj? #Fiyah right? It's getting me pumped for Bey and Jay's On The Run Tour tomorrow here in San Francisco... See you there, Booshes!



  1. your photos look like pages from a magazine editorial :) and that bag... is so awesome!
    have a great week ahead :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. Hi Kim. Your title had already intrested. I really enjoyed reading the whole article.
    Great post

    - NEW Look #ontheblog -
    Greets Jon,

  3. I love your shoes and pants! Great look and great post dear!

  4. Hey Kim. LOVE this look and the photos are very nice! Definitely gonna check out bows n ties so I can add to my collection.


  5. As always loving the style! Today what I mostly like from your look is the contrast in clors inthe top part of your outfit the red and blue dotted patterns look amazing with the blazer. Keep it up. And as always thanks for visiting. I am working on a mens post, i'm sure you'll enjoy


  6. Great style!!


  7. This preppy style goes perfect on you, I mean, I used to see pictures where you look like a little more rebel but here you loook adorable and with a lot of style!


  8. Happy 2 hear u've been having wonderful times with family and ur boyfriend :) I'm a fan of Clueless as well, keep watching it over again :P Love the outfit, formal, chic but young and stylish. Pocket square does the trick amazingly of adding colours 2 the look, and I love ur backpack as well xx

    Thank u so much for ur lovely birthday blessing on my post, Kim, really appreciate it xx Hope u'll have a great day xx

  9. love this look x

  10. Classy look,
    nice backpack!