Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Golden Gates

I miss living right by Golden Gate Park. I never realized how big it was until it was brought to my attention that there was a bison pen, that I had no idea existed. #SanFranciscoResidentFail. I mean, really? A freaking bison pen? Also the fact that it's bigger then Central Park in NYC. Mind blown.

Spent the morning hanging around the park with Imelda. Ever since moving more towards downtown, I don't really get much of a chance to enjoy nature, aka the man made terrains and lakes in the park. Making more frequent trips here is definitely on my to-do list, since there's many things to-do here.

I've been trying to welcome spring with open arms, but I can't get myself to buy anything pastel colored. Not really my cup of spring time tea. So, a bold pattern and a touch of color is my substitution, I guess? Case in point: black/white gingham, forrest green trousers, electric blue soles.

Just found out Kan-Yeezy will be headlining at Outside Lands this August, which is pretty much a smaller scale Coachella here in San Franisco held in GG Park. I might have to go.

Speaking of music festivals and Coachella, I'll be heading to Southern California for 3 days of dancing and fangirling out at Coachella this weekend. Weekend 1 looked amazing. Here's to hoping I run into Zac Effron.

Photos courtesy of Imelda over at SunsetShutterbug. Head over there and say "Hello".  Pictures taken on location at Golden Gate Park.