Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kick Game Like East Bay

In honor of the Kitsuné jacket I can only dream of having in my closet in my last post, I decided to bring out my similar Opening Ceremony jacket out for a spin. Granted my jacket is $700 cheaper, but you know what - it's all good. I don't see Beyoncé wearing that Maison Kitsuné jacket.

I mean... Jusstttttttt sayyyinnnnggggggggg. #Beysus
[photo via Beyoncé's instagram]

Spent the afternoon hanging out  with Imelda at Sutro Heights... It's the closest thing you'll get me to nature. Just kidding. I'll hang out at a beach too. Damn, I can't wait till summer.

Copped the boots a couple years ago, and haven't really put them to use in a long time. Truthfully, they were an impulse buy, but I've grown to love them over the years. I've been trying to hold back on adding anymore brogue-type shoes to my closet, but I love them because you can pretty much dress them up, or dress them down. 

My jacket was an impulse buy too, but unlike my boots, I actually loved it the moment I took it home. My favorite thing about the jacket are the contrasting leather sleeves and the thick embroidered patches. I love details like that.

Some one asked me if I got my jacket from playing football in high school. Hilarious! Only thing I'm kicking is game, like East Bay. No footballs here!

Photo's taken by Imelda over at SunsetShutterbug. Imelda and I will be doing a couple more collaborations in the near future, so stay put!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yes, Please

I'm totally buggin', especially since I already have a similar styled jacket, but I'm in love with this Kitsuné lettermens piece. Yes, please to this jacket. Some one want to get it for me?

No seriously... Any offers?  
[photos via]

Kidding aside, I do find it weird (and a bit disturbing) that I'm obsessed with my Opening Ceremony lettermen's jacket that looks pretty similar (style/color scheme wise), yet I'm still drooling over this Maison Kitsuné piece (um, early signs of a hoarder anyone?). Anyway, a boy can dream, right?


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Street Art

I've been teaming up with my girl Imelda who's been exploring random spots in San Francisco with me, shooting some content for my site. We stopped by Warm Water Cove, aka Toxic Beach, to check out the amazing graffiti work done along side the concrete walls of this park. I love the colors and busyness of the art work.

The weather has been getting chillier, after a month of ridiculously amazing (lol, what's winter?) climate for January. With the nice weather, I decided to dust off my short suit that I never wear. Story of my entire wardrobe, really. Last time I wore this suit and tie out was during the summer time for the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z show, which I pulled out for obvious reasons. I love short suits, I got hands on my first one 4 years ago while I was in L.A., and I've been a fan since. It's a casual twist on something classic, which allows me to serve you with a causal day time realness look.

I love playing with patterns and colors. I feel like you have to be careful when doing so though to not over do it, otherwise it'll start looking messy. So I decided to tone it down with a simple white shirt and black tie to neutralize everything a bit. 

I just recently started to get my clothes tailored this past year, since I realized its so difficult getting jackets to fit for someone fun sized like my self. #PocketGayProblems. My tailor is amazing though. I had him work his magic on my suit, which now fits me like Michele Phifer's cat suit. Loves it.

Photos courtesy of Imelda, check out more of her work HERE. And big ups to the amazing graffiti artists who left their work behind. Toodles.