Friday, January 17, 2014

Touch Of Neon

I met up with my friend and menswear designer, Cana Klebanoff the other day to check out some of his current and past designs. I love the meticulous work he does in the details of his garments and every time I run into him somewhere downtown, he's always wearing an impressive jacket or blazer that he made. If I was his size, I'd would totally be raiding his closet weekly.

Here are 2 of my favorite outerwear pieces he made for his last collection.

I love the piping and the double collar (in the first jacket), and the pop of neon if pretty much amazing. Cana's work is really detailed orientated, so these 2 pieces are more on the simpler side of what he does. I love menswear, so it's always exciting to discover a menswear designer who's aesthetic you like.

I met Cana last year during Snow, an all white fashion show that featured several designers showcasing a collection of all white garments - with him being one the designers.  Cana is showing again in this year's Snow, which is being held at the Metreon Rooftop on February 1st. If any of you guys are in San Francisco, get your tickets here for the show


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Yurr

It's 4 days into 2014, and I am officially feeling the after effects the holidays. Not going to lie, I'm kinda-sorta sad that it's all over! I need some serious post Christmas joy detox. Which is kind of funny considering I was never really one to catch the holiday spirit in the past. Either way, Bonne Année ya'll!

Before the year ended, Cody and I spent a Sunday afternoon hanging out around Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill, enjoying the nice weather. Nice weather in late December? We're so spoiled here in California. That, or global warming really stepped its game up this year. I love it. 

By the way, I hella only spent like $4.99 on these Armani Exchange trousers that I found while thrifting downtown. I know, right? That's like a rarity though, I never find anything that fits me perfectly when I'm thrifting. That's the downside of being a pint sized cutie in a big and tall world. 

So I feel like denim jackets are the staple to every San Francisco resident's wardrobe that's never going away, despite seeing them on everyone and their mama's around the city. I took me for-e-ver to find one that fit me perfectly (again, pint sized cutie problem #471), but I finally came across this Levi's slim fit denim jacket during this year's Black Friday. I try dressing it up a little with this bow tie that I also found at Levi's.

I'm pretty excited for the new year, along with everyone else, sure. Hoping that 2014 if full of happiness, success, and good health for everyone. Muah!