Friday, December 13, 2013

Magna Carta Holy Grail World Tour

I swear it feels like the Carters have been making frequent visits to me for the holidays. Queen KING Bey returned back to the Bay Area a week ago for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour (which I attended back in July), and Jay-Z was here last night for his Magna Carta Holy Grail world tour. Not to mention, Beyoncé announced and released her 5th album "BEYONCÉ" on the same night tonight (WHO does that?!), putting the internet and entire world into a frenzy. I'm starting to feel like a distant family member of the Carters with how much I'm seeing them. OMG... "Kim Carter". I like that.

Anyway, back to the Magna Carta Holy Grail concert. This was my 3rd time seeing Jigga man, and I can never get enough. Not to mention, super producer (cause lets be real, he was never really a great rapper) Timbaland accompanied Jay, doing his thing on the turn tables. Love to love to love ya!

Floor seats! Which was definitely a lot closer from when I saw Hov at the JT/Jay-Z Legends of the Summer tour. And if you're wondering, yes I did keep my bow-tie on whole I was two stepping to FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt. You know how I #ROC.

So I'm semi obsessed with Jay-Z... Actually, The Carters in general. So when it came time to see the Reasonable Doubt rapper perform, I was wayyyyy beyond excited. Jay's lack of stage production was made up with his energy on the mic, stage presence, and banter with the crowd.

Thank god for large jumbo LED screens, allowing me to see every pore on Hov's face. Half way through the concert, Jay kindly asked the security to allow people into the aisles, since it was "too fucking uniform". Like I said, he kindly asked. Which allowed me to make my way up closer and go gorillazzzz during Niggas In Paris.

See, going gorillazzzzz. I always thought MCHG was a solid album, but hearing Jay spit a couple tracks from the album only made me fonder of the LP. Hearing Picaso Baby live... Bananas!

Of course Jay ended with his signature Forever Young, dedicating it to Nelson Mandela. Always a good closer, and seeing the sea of cell phone lights in the crowd almost gets you emotional since you know the show is about to end.

Jay-Z is continuing his tour until January 31st, making his way across North America to the east coast. Catch him throwing his diamond in the sky in a city near you.

And not to sound like a total stan or taking away any of Jay's shine, but can we take a second to talk about how amazing Beyonce's "visual album" is, and how fucking crazy that she released it the same day of announcing it? Ugh. Beyonce, please adopt me. 


  1. Nice photos! :)


  2. Lovely papillon !! so stylish !


  3. Hey there! Thanks for your comment in my blog, you look good and you were so lucky to attend that concert! I'm sure you had such a good time there!