Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Camo Glamo

I don't care how "2001 Destiny's Child à la Survivor days" camouflage print seems to be, I still love it. It's reminiscent of when I was in elementary school living in New York, having an older teenage brother rocking the tan colored Timberlands with his army fatigue pants listening to Wu-Tang Clan in his car. *Sigh*... Those were the good ol' days.

Mid 1990's aside, my Timb boot wearing days are way past me now (although I'm seriously considering of getting a pair again!). But I have to confess I never really let go of that love for camo print. Obviously, being a growwnnnn woman *Beyoncé voice* now, my preference in wearing it is a lot more, um... tailored then before I guess.

Right before the weather started getting nippily here in San Francisco, my girl Imelda (over at SunsetShutterBug blog) and I spent the day shooting around San Francisco. We made a stop to the Legion of Honor to get some shots in before scurrying to another location in the city. For those who are coming to visit San Francisco, you guys should definitely check out this museum... That is, if classical art is your thing. If not, still check it out to step your fine arts game up. #mhhmmm.

Two things I learned from being a fun sized 5'6 cutie with a bootie is 1) it sucks finding well fitted suiting and 2) your tailor is your new best friend. Luckily for me, I found a VERY descent priced tailor in the city whom I go to religiously... Or every time I need anything altered to my frame. Case in point, my tailor altered the shit outta this camo blazer which had long sleeves, wider shoulders, and a longer hem line.

Photo credit all goes to my girl Imelda, who spent the day with me shooting new material for my blog. Be sure to check her out HERE for more photos, and drop her a line saying "Heyyyyy, Girl".

Oh, and also because I'm feeling a little nostalgic with this camouflage and Destiny's Child talk, here's a little summin' to take you guys 12 years back:

You know I'm not gonna diss you on the internet... Cause my momma taught me better than that!
Yaaassssssss Kelly. Sing it!



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  6. You look handsome! That kind of camo print is on the spot right now!


  7. I don't think camo print will ever be truly out. Besides, I prefer your print better because it has slightly brighter shades than the usual pieces I get to see.
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  14. camo will never go out, and, that destiny song is pretty much amazing... ;) i'm digging the shoes too

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  21. camo's always around somehow.
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