Sunday, December 29, 2013


Its been 2 weeks since Beyoncé dropped her surprise album, and I still can't get enough of it. Ugh. Why is she so amazing? And why is she not my friend in real life? Shittt, I'd even settle to be Baby Blue's nanny, as long as I get to bask in the Queen's glory. I know, my life goals are set straight.

One thing that makes her album so great is the fact that it's a visual album. Each song has a music video to accompany it. And with every song having a music video, comes the styling for each song. And with each styling, comes the Bey-Stans copying Bey's looks. And with the copying Stans, comes me waking up ***flawless, just like her.

Okay, mind you these pictures were actually taken about a month ago by Imelda, over at SunsetShutterBug's blog. So it's quite obvious that Beyoncé copied yours truly. Duh. Only difference is, she's not stomping around in Doc Martens, but $3,800 Chanel boots. Anyway, of course I'm talking about Bey's video for "***Flawless", featuring some grungy punk skin head stylings, equipped with the plaid lumberjacks and black boots. Moshing never looked so chic.

I got these limited edition Doc Martens x Izzue boots a couple years ago in the Haight, not knowing how much I would actually wear them. The cool thing about these Docs is that the studded belts come off if you want to just wear some plain black boots.

Imelda came up with the idea of checking out San Francisco's Dog Patch neighborhood, since neither of us have really explored the area besides a few restaurants here and there (Serpentine is a place you should check out). Also because of the industrial setting, we'd figured we would get some cool shots.

Not going to lie, my collection of plaid shirts went out with my early 20's, but this is one of the few ONLY one I kept, mainly cause of the navy stripe that comes down from the neckline. Love minor details.

Photo's by Imelda over at Sunset Shutterbug. Check out her blog for more photography and drop her a line saying "Hey girl, hey!"

Also, here's a clip from Beyoncé's video "***Flawless" in case you've been living under a rock.



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FAST Cal "RAW" Fashion Show

A couple weeks ago, my friend Ming invited me to attend a fashion show that she directed over at her campus of UC Berkeley. Working for a couple of local San Francisco magazines in the past years, and having a couple talented friends who are pursuing fashion design in their career, or are an accomplished designer themselves, I love supporting local talent no matter what industry they are in. I mean, you should be proud reppin' your turf, right? As long as it's in a safe, none Bloods-vs-Crips gang related type of way, of course.

So when I got the invite to attend Ming's show, I was definitely interested in checking out what some of these local Bay Area designers had to offer over in the East Bay.

Here are a couple of my favorite looks:

Yasssssss. Giving me that Summer in Cuba realness. This was one of my favorite looks because of how clean and crisp the over all look was. The wide leg pants, bandeau strap top, matching head band and her coiffed hair. I love it all. Also probably because summer is my favorite season, and I'd totally wear this during mid-June with a margarita in hand.

And on the other hand, we have these - slightly more slouchy and a bit more intricately designed, which I appreciate as well. I like the playfulness of these garments. Me personally, I don't really like to conform myself into one style of dressing, and I love it when a person and switch up their style from time to time.

A couple evening wear looks to polish off the night. Homegirl in the red dress… I want her cheek bones.

Let me just say the production was HUGE regarding the number of designers that were showing at this fashion show. More then 10 designers from UC Berkeley made a collection ranging from 3 to 8 garments, providing a variety of looks as the 2 hour show came along. From what I gathered, they do a show twice a year, the next one being in May 2014. Check out more info on the FAST Cal shows here for upcoming events, and be sure to check out more work, past and present, from my friend Ming on her site here.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Camo Glamo

I don't care how "2001 Destiny's Child à la Survivor days" camouflage print seems to be, I still love it. It's reminiscent of when I was in elementary school living in New York, having an older teenage brother rocking the tan colored Timberlands with his army fatigue pants listening to Wu-Tang Clan in his car. *Sigh*... Those were the good ol' days.

Mid 1990's aside, my Timb boot wearing days are way past me now (although I'm seriously considering of getting a pair again!). But I have to confess I never really let go of that love for camo print. Obviously, being a growwnnnn woman *Beyoncé voice* now, my preference in wearing it is a lot more, um... tailored then before I guess.

Right before the weather started getting nippily here in San Francisco, my girl Imelda (over at SunsetShutterBug blog) and I spent the day shooting around San Francisco. We made a stop to the Legion of Honor to get some shots in before scurrying to another location in the city. For those who are coming to visit San Francisco, you guys should definitely check out this museum... That is, if classical art is your thing. If not, still check it out to step your fine arts game up. #mhhmmm.

Two things I learned from being a fun sized 5'6 cutie with a bootie is 1) it sucks finding well fitted suiting and 2) your tailor is your new best friend. Luckily for me, I found a VERY descent priced tailor in the city whom I go to religiously... Or every time I need anything altered to my frame. Case in point, my tailor altered the shit outta this camo blazer which had long sleeves, wider shoulders, and a longer hem line.

Photo credit all goes to my girl Imelda, who spent the day with me shooting new material for my blog. Be sure to check her out HERE for more photos, and drop her a line saying "Heyyyyy, Girl".

Oh, and also because I'm feeling a little nostalgic with this camouflage and Destiny's Child talk, here's a little summin' to take you guys 12 years back:

You know I'm not gonna diss you on the internet... Cause my momma taught me better than that!
Yaaassssssss Kelly. Sing it!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Magna Carta Holy Grail World Tour

I swear it feels like the Carters have been making frequent visits to me for the holidays. Queen KING Bey returned back to the Bay Area a week ago for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour (which I attended back in July), and Jay-Z was here last night for his Magna Carta Holy Grail world tour. Not to mention, Beyoncé announced and released her 5th album "BEYONCÉ" on the same night tonight (WHO does that?!), putting the internet and entire world into a frenzy. I'm starting to feel like a distant family member of the Carters with how much I'm seeing them. OMG... "Kim Carter". I like that.

Anyway, back to the Magna Carta Holy Grail concert. This was my 3rd time seeing Jigga man, and I can never get enough. Not to mention, super producer (cause lets be real, he was never really a great rapper) Timbaland accompanied Jay, doing his thing on the turn tables. Love to love to love ya!

Floor seats! Which was definitely a lot closer from when I saw Hov at the JT/Jay-Z Legends of the Summer tour. And if you're wondering, yes I did keep my bow-tie on whole I was two stepping to FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt. You know how I #ROC.

So I'm semi obsessed with Jay-Z... Actually, The Carters in general. So when it came time to see the Reasonable Doubt rapper perform, I was wayyyyy beyond excited. Jay's lack of stage production was made up with his energy on the mic, stage presence, and banter with the crowd.

Thank god for large jumbo LED screens, allowing me to see every pore on Hov's face. Half way through the concert, Jay kindly asked the security to allow people into the aisles, since it was "too fucking uniform". Like I said, he kindly asked. Which allowed me to make my way up closer and go gorillazzzz during Niggas In Paris.

See, going gorillazzzzz. I always thought MCHG was a solid album, but hearing Jay spit a couple tracks from the album only made me fonder of the LP. Hearing Picaso Baby live... Bananas!

Of course Jay ended with his signature Forever Young, dedicating it to Nelson Mandela. Always a good closer, and seeing the sea of cell phone lights in the crowd almost gets you emotional since you know the show is about to end.

Jay-Z is continuing his tour until January 31st, making his way across North America to the east coast. Catch him throwing his diamond in the sky in a city near you.

And not to sound like a total stan or taking away any of Jay's shine, but can we take a second to talk about how amazing Beyonce's "visual album" is, and how fucking crazy that she released it the same day of announcing it? Ugh. Beyonce, please adopt me. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Classy Ladies Have Tea Time

Hey girls, what's the tea? (Pun very intended). Spilled some tea with a couple of friends during our tea party the other day at Dartealing in SoMa. I thought it was kind of odd having a tea house a couple blocks away from there the Folsom Street Fair takes place. Nothing says "tea time" like fisting, I guess.
Dainty, right? I'm thinking of taking my baby nieces here some day. They love to gossip. Too bad I forgot to wear my pearls to the party. Oh well, there's always another day. And yes, you're all invited to spill some tea with me next time :).

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Keep Up With Us

Everyone go wish my girl  and the Bonnie to my Clyde, Christine Kaurdashian and "Happy Birthday!" over at her blog. xoxo.

Pink mimosas flowing over at Drake SF in SoMa.

Happy birthday! Hope this next year is flowing with pink champagne and full of good times for you, boo! Stay fly and flossy, gorl :)


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Bitches

I was flying so high on all Hallows Eve, catch me before I float away even higher.

My favorite time of the year came and passed... Halloween! I mean, I obviously went as a hot air ballon. Not going to lie, my hot air balloon costume was pretty difficult to rock and maneuver, but hey, that's the price of being cute, right? And yes, I did make the costume myself :).


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Short heels, purple bottoms. *Trina voice*


Friday, October 4, 2013

Beyond Bay

Hey rude bois and gyals. I had a trippy time last weekend at Beyond Wonderland with Cody and a couple of friends. So. Much. Fun. But I can't front... My body can't handle raging and a raving the night away like these youngsters anymore. Kids these days.

Glow in the dark 3-D art. ACID TRIP.

I'm heading down to L.A. next month with Cody to attend Escape From Wonderland.

Photo via

It's been a little less then a year since I've been into the EDM scene, and its been a lot of fun. I'm think of resurrecting my March Hare costume for next month... Thoughts? Happy October! Can't wait for Halloween.

Monday, September 23, 2013

View From Alcatraz Island

Cody and I made a trip to Alcatraz Island this past weekend. Despite living in San Francisco for most of my 20's, (or living in the Bay Area in general), I've never been on a tour through the former historical landmark.

Most likely because it's just right there... You tend to not visit places that are just right there. Either way, despite being such a tourist attraction, the tour was really interesting, and had lovely views San Francisco.

By the way, there's going to be a shift on some things to my blog, which I'll share later. But one is going to be using my DSLR camera A LOT more often. My quality of photos have gone down the gutter within my last couple months of post. Can't wait for the upgrade!  Toodles, booshes.