Friday, December 21, 2012

Early Christmas Wishes

Of course I've been busy as usual... I feel like that's my excuse every time for my lack of updates. I'm so sorry! A lot of the readers have been asking about mine and Cody's Christmas tree that we put up in the beginning of the month. Here it is:

We visited the tree lot close by the Castro on Market street and decided to snag us a 8 footer while there. Half the battle was getting the tree up to Cody's apartment. Either way, it turned out lovely, didn't it?

Our tree through the lens of these firework glasses I recently got. Acid trip much?

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope everyone has enough holiday spirit to last them until the new year. NYE week, I'll be in Vegas, then spending New Years in Los Angeles, then being whisked away out of the country to Vietnam where I'll be staying for 2 weeks. Can't wait!


  1. ahahahah the first pic is soooo amazing!!!ahahahah i love it <3

  2. when I'm reading your post, I always have smile on my face. I like your blog :)

    Nice christmas tree :)


  3. Love your tree. Merry Christmas!!

    Kisses, Elly

  4. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  5. Happy new year sweetie!
    Love G xx