Friday, November 16, 2012

A Reason To Party: Trevor Project Affair

Wanted to say "Heeeyyyyyyy!" to my Kardashnguyen Clique. November if proving to be a slow month for updates. Sorry about that guys. Things have been hectic with the holidays, as well as other things that keep piling up. Just know I'm still here, and still checking for you guys leaving me comments :)

Last Saturday, Cody and I and a couple of friends attended an event at the W Hotel benefiting the Trevor Project. For those not familiar with what the Trevor Project is, it's basically an organization benefiting anti-bullying for youth and adults alike. All the proceeds from the event went to the Trevor Project, hence it was a great reason to party.

The event also featured an installation from photographer Kelly Puleio, which Cody was one of the people being photographed. Here's Cody picture, with him looking handsome wearing a suit from the Artful Gentleman, a company that he has been involved with since modeling for their show a month ago. Let it be known that he LOVES Batman, so him holding a Superman lunch box is kind of a big deal :).

My lovely friend Leila ended up meeting us later in the evening. I adore her. She's fabulous and such great company. We were kind of obsessed with this space chair, if you couldn't tell.

I was also obsessed with the backdrop of the elevator. I get distracted easily, sorry :). Great night. 

Next week Cody and I are heading to Southern California to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Excited to get out of San Francisco for a day and a half. What does everyone else have planned for Thanksgiving?


  1. this looks like an awesome party (and for a good cause too!), and you and Cody are suuuuuch a lovely couple. I kinda wish I was living in San Fran and was friends with you guys.


  2. I am i am! on ur GFC.cant u see it? :)
    Of cos we should. What a great cause to be part of. U must have had a blast there.

  3. nice party and for a good objetive
    looks very funny party

  4. Cool event!!! Nice pics!!!

  5. Aww, seems like a really great and fun event - with an important cause. :) Your kiss photo is the most adorable one. And Cody looks really handsome in his Superman-lunchbox photo. True model.

    x Have a great weekend!

    Indie by heart

  6. Hey dear Kim.
    Thank you for your lovely comment :) would love to follow each other.
    Yeah, that´s a really good reason to party, love the photos. And Cody looks awesome in the suit from Artful Gentleman. Yes, Batman is much cooler, btw. ;)
    Love from Vienna

  7. looks like tons of fun :) love the bowtie!
    xx mili

  8. oh i like your photos :)
    like always!!

    new post about my tattoos!

  9. What a great cause! So glad you guys got to attend it looks like it was a lot of fun in addition to being for a wonderful organization. Fun blog btw!

    Ali of:

  10. You are way too much fun, with a hint of trouble i suspect! Great post!


  11. I love your blog, !! just followed you :) could you please do the same?

  12. how cute :)
    and the photo wall's so fab! love it!

  13. Love the mustard coat.