Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mexico Rain

It rained in Mexico today. I was really looking forward to enjoying a nice piña colada on the beach while working on my tan. Oh well, gotta keep it movin'.

Not to bad of a view, huh? Despite the rain, we still made it down to the Sea Of Cortez. The tides were pretty high though, so no frolicking on the beach today.

Quynh checking out the big ass parakeet cage. Photos courtesy of @QuynhLatifah... Check her out!

-Levi's tank top
-Topman skinny twill pant
-Aldo buckled sandals
-J. Crew resort hat
-Fred Perry millerain canvas bag, c/o Nomads in Hayes Valley
-3 finger gold plated ring... found downtown (gotta love closing sales!)

I bought these skinny twill pants in Paris last year (like for real-for real last year... I was in France the exact same time around a year ago), and I never wore them. Ever. This was my first time wearing them.  By the way, I love this Fred Perry bag. I'm usually not a fan of FP's messenger/tote bags that I see around (not to much into the patent leather they use), but I'm in love with this millerain canvas bag I got at Nomads in Hayes Valley. Be sure to check out their menswear, they never disappoint me!

Have a bunch of activities scheduled tomorrow, all requiring the weather to be great. Lets hope that the sun will come out tomorrow! *Annie voice*... Adios!

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