Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top Of The Mark

Had a date with 2 lovely ladies the other night. Cute, huh? Met up with my friends Anastasia and Leila for a dinner at Top of the Mark in Nob Hill. It was nice. Always nice catching up with the homegurlzz.

My boo Leila and I sittin' pretty 19 stories up. Spent many dates gossiping and hanging out with her. Leila is moving in a couple weeks out of San Francisco, so she compiled a bucket list of things to do around the city before she leaves. I had no idea having dinner here was one of them, so I'm glad we decided check it out.

Amazing views. Actually, I feel like anytime you're 19+ stories up in San Francisco, you're bound to get a breath taking view. (I.e. the last time my friend Mahlae invited me to Henry Denton's Starlight Room). Top of the Mark does a movie night every Tuesday for summer. But considering fall is almost here, the movies are going to stop soon. They were playing Casablanca during dinner. So classic.

Anastasia getting her Casablanca on. I got the 3 sliders: crab meat, sweet potato, kobe beef. I died and went to foodie heaven.

Night time view above the city. Amazing. Summer is almost over. I'll be heading over to Mexico next week to enjoy some sandy beaches and getting sun beaten one last time before fall officially arrives. I'm going for a Mariah Carey-esque caramelized type of skin tone/tan if you know what I mean. Xoxo.

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  1. <3 <3 < 3. Such a great night. Love ya boo!!!