Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Morning

Case of the Mondays. Wait. Guess you really can't have a case of the Mondays if you were actually off on a Monday, huh? Best part was that my boyfriend had the Monday off as well :). We spent the day hanging out in the Richmond.

Cody and I spent the day at Golden Gate Park, majority of the time at the Japanese Tea Garden, also known as my future backyard landscaping. I love the tea garden, although we didn't actually get tea there, a little to warm for all that. Finally, summer's here 3 months later.

Took some time and admired this zen garden. I need some zen. We all do. I want one in my apartment. And at work. Life would so much more relaxing I'm sure.

Free publicity. Ended up having dinner at Q on Clement Street. I have not been there in forever. Apparently the man from America's Diners on the food network made a stop here in one of his episodes.

I'm headed off to Mexico this weekend for Labor Day. Can't wait for some much needed R n' R with my margarita on the beach :)

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