Saturday, July 21, 2012

Femme C(art)el

The other night I attended art collective Femme Cartel's opening night for their Fashionably Drawn exhibit held at Public Works in the Mission, curated by the lovely Emily "Femily" Howe and Christina Bohn. The one thing I love about this art group is that it consists of all talented female artists, and each exhibit they showcase has a given theme... This one being girly/urban fashion illustrations.

Chubby Chola Couture by Leanna Rodriguez (aka Elrod). This was one of my favorite sets in the exhibit. I just thought it was a brilliant and humorous idea that was done so well. Check out more of Elrod's artwork on her blog Mexakitsch.

Despite the different aesthetics and style of each artists in Femme Cartel art collective, the exhibit was adhesive and had a flow that complimented the entire exhibit. I loved all the work of each artist. I also loved how this roll up exhibit was held in a more intimate venue, allowing all the guest to chat with the talented artists who contributed to the show. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I caught the tail end of the night, but was able to chat with some people here and there.

Some pieces by Maria Fatima Urbi. It was a pleasure chatting with her for a quick minute and I really enjoyed her art work in this exhibit as well. She mentioned she does a lot of collaging, and if you look closely, the dresses are pieced together out of manga comics. Check out more of Maria's fabulous artwork on her fabulous blog Paloma In Black

I LOVE the idea behind this art group! Check out Fashionably Drawn at Public Works while it's still up and also be sure to check out the Femme Cartel site for upcoming events!

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  1. Hey kim!!! it was awesome meeting you!!! If you're around Oakland on the 3rd, there's ArtMurmur and am having an opening reception at Warehouse 416 gallery 26th st/telegraph downtown oakland's me: