Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dinner's At 6

My dear and lovely friend Jackie is moving to South Korea this weekend to work on a project for her job. To celebrate her departure, she organized a "grub crawl" which, knowing her and how much of a foodie she is, is such a great idea. Think bar crawl, just only with food. Hence the word "grub", duh.

Jackie and I at Esperpento for dinner. Always great seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile. Lovely times.

The idea was so to have a 3 course meal at 3 different locations. The start of the crawl began at Nombe for appetizers: taro chips, edamame hummus, Japanese chicken wings, Oxtail donburi.

Then moved on to Esperpento for the main course: spanish tapas, grilled salmon strips, seafood paella, potato omelet, barbecue pollo, etc.

And ended at The Crepe House for dessert... for, of course, crepes. Heartburn central! 3 hours, 3 restaurants, 3 different styles of cuisine, tickled taste buds. All the restaurants were centrally located in the Mission, for easy access when it came time to move to the next restaurant. Jackie's cousin, who is actually the coordinator and creator of the Grub Crawl was actually in attendance. Check out his website t to coordinate your own grub crawl.

For those who didn't know, I'm going to Mexico this September, so I started a "Kim wants a hot bod for Mexico" diet. Today my Mexico diet officially went down the hill. Thanks a lot, Jackie. On another note, heading to Los Angeles this weekend where I'll be checking out Unique LA, since I've missed the San Francisco edition. Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll be shopping too. See y'all in L.A.!

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