Thursday, July 5, 2012

Club Six

If you mix alcohol, a 21+ crowd, paint/paint brushes, and happy hour, you pretty much have Club Six on any given Thursday. Every Thursday they have happy hour painting where people drink and unleash their creative abilities on canvas. The idea is to create as many masterpieces you can within 3 hours.

Cody and I had the day off and decided to check out the art. It's pretty cool seeing who comes up with what, when you add a little alcohol into the mix. I was actually impressed by some of the art people came up with.

This was my favorite painting they were working on. Club Six is a cool little spot on 6th and Mission to check out with a group of friends. Music, cheap booze, art, and an overall good time. What's not to like?

I really liked the venue. There's a back room where a band was setting up to do a set. There's also an "art" lounge that featured a local artist. This was my favorite piece from the room. Who wants to come with me next Thursday? I'm trying to rally up a group of people to get our drinking and painting on.

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