Monday, July 30, 2012

7x7 Big Eat: #10 Kelvin-made Ice Cream @ Smitten

Cody and I were doing some shopping in Hayes Valley the other day. It was sunny. It was warm. We saw Smitten. It was perfect.

 Cody mentioned to me that he liked Smitten's ice cream when he had it for the first time a couple weeks ago. And come to find out, it's number 10 in this year's 7x7 Big Eat list.

 So basically"kelvin-made ice cream" is just that... Ice cream made on the spot by some nitrogen in that contraction I took a picture of up above. There's about 3-4 of these machines at Smitten, so every order is made on the spot. I opted for the honey nectarine ice cream.

Ah. Maz. Ing. The cone was awesome as well, not sure if they make it on the spot as well. But the texture and taste of the ice cream was incredible. Best $4 I've spent this summer.

Stay chubby,


  1. Take me there! I wanna go there (*Mya singing the Rugrats movie song)

    1. *DEAD* @ the Mya reference! Let's go. We need a day together.