Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Throw A Hex On The Whole Family

Okay, I'm sounding borderline obsessed. Not like that Single White Female obsessed though, I promise. Lil' Kim performed a show at The Mezzanine last night, and duh, of course I'm going to attend. Last time I saw Kim (we're on a first name basis, I thought you knew) was in Oakland during my birthday weekend, and about 2 years ago when she performed at Hotel Nikko.

I actually really love The Mezzanine. I've seen M.I.A. and Lady Gaga perform here, along with various fashion shows/industry events... All of which were really fun. So I was actually pretty excited that Kimberly Jones was going to make a stop here in San Francisco for her Return of the Queen tour.

I attended the show with Reggie, a.k.a. "Atiyana" (House of Atiyana!), which you've all met during the Jean Paul Gaultier event I covered a couple months ago. Funny thing is, the last couple times I went to see Lil' Kim perform, it was also with Atiyana... It's becoming a tradition of ours, I'm sure.

Ended up running into my friend Gregory, who was supporting his friend Micah Tron, one of the opening acts. This pictures pretty much sums up the night.

The entire show was great. All the opening acts for this tour are female artist, so being that this show was taken place in San Francisco, a majority of the opening acts were from the Bay Area: Ms. Be, Ginger, Ill Camille, and Micah Tron. Loved them all.

This is my 4th time seeing Lil' Kim perform (again, no Single White Female syndrome, I swear!), and all times were uhhhh-mazing. But her Return of the Queen tour was probably the best I've seen so far. Her stage presence and energy is HUGE for a tiny woman. And in true Kim fashion, she was strutting around and dancing on stage in her crystal encrusted Louboutins, wearing a black and red jeweled ensemble that hugged her curvaceous body.

She opened up with The Jump Off, and performed all her classics: Get Money, Drugs, All About The Benjamins, Crush On You, etcetera etcetera. My voice if officially gone from all the singing! And the crowd was bananas! #TeamLilKim is definitely a bunch of fans I wouldn't want to get crazy with. Here's Lil' Kim practically singing Magic Stick to me. Cause you know, we're like best friends and all

All about the Benjamins, baby! 

I love this picture of her in the spot light.

Low of the night: I lost my f**king phone! That's what I get for dancing a little to hard, I guess. I'm totally bummed out because I recorded Lil' Kimberly's intro, which was one of my favorite parts! Oh well. Here's a video of me touching her long weave. No creeper intentions.

Moi, Atiyana, and Rafi after the show... House of Atiyana! So much fun, but I'm so exhausted... Can't wait till her next show!
I'll be flying to Los Angeles this Thursday in hopes to get away from San Francisco a bit and enjoy some sun rays while laying out on Venice Beach. Hopefully I can finally even out this horrid farmers tan I inherited during Bay to Breakers... it's bad!

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