Friday, June 1, 2012


Dear Mother Nature,

Please have more days like these.

xoxo, Kim Kardashnguyen

After a gigantic brunch at Dottie's (the pulled pork scramble is the bizzness), I spent the entire day with my boo-thing in Sausalito. The weather was perfect, and I felt the need to cross bay waters and get out of the city for a day.

How come I don't take the ferry more often? It's perfect for a daytime date and it also takes you to Oakland and Angel Island (which I never been to before). Word of advice, stay under the ferry boat's roof if you're trying to keep your weave in tact... Girl, those winds are harsh and not hair friendly.

Sausalito is hella cute. I mean, hellluh cute. I'm talking about "perfect little town, felt like I was on the set of Gilmore Girls" type of cute. It's a quiet little town full of little shops and restaurants. And there's like an ice-cream parlor on every block. 

So we ate, then shopped, then ate again. Here's a view we enjoyed during a late lunch. You can spy the fog rolling back in slowly. Ugh. I did NOT want to go back...

... But we had to. Us sadly riding back to SF. The weather is slowly but surely getting warmer as the days go by. Can it just be in the 80's yet? Wishful thinking, but I really can't wait till it's hot enough to walk around sans vintage Levi's denim jacket. Not to sound like a tart, but bring on the the skin baring tank tops soon please. Btw, Happy Pride Month!

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