Monday, June 25, 2012


Happy [post] Pride! Hopefully today you stood proud regardless of your sexual orientation. Not only that, but hopefully everyone woke up today being a hot mess with a huge hang over. Because lets be real. Gay people party the hardest :).

Ended up just frolicking around Civic Center with the other thousands of people that were there. Good times with friends and my boyfriend, couldn't ask for anything more.

I really liked the fashion at Pride this year. It's always interesting in seeing what people wear... And there were some pretty fly people out during the festivities. 

His and His :). By the way, got to finally break in these Bernhard Willhelm sneakers I got from Opening Ceremony L.A. last week.

 This is the epitome of hot mess. I mean, I was inebriated, but DAMN girl! You ain't got no shame! (And no I don't know who she is). I'm exhausted. Hope everyone had a great Pride! Until next year!

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