Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday Brunch Or Bare Chest Contest?

I opted to skip out of Sunday brunch yesterday to attend the Bare Chest Contest Finals at DNA Lounge in SoMa. Yes, you read that correctly. Eggs benedict or a room of half naked men?... Hmm, hard decision, I know.

Actually, the Bare Chest Contest was for charity, raising money for the AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center, so I wanted to show my support. That, and also the fact that my friend Maria who invited me had a friend who was a finalist.

Maria's friend, Cody, who was one of the finalist. Here he is. I met Cody about a year ago, and he was actually Mr. Bear 2010... Something along those lines. He was one of the 16 finalist, and ended up gaining the spot of Mr. October, also known as the month of my favorite holiday... Boo!

I haven't been to DNA Lounge in ages! I totally forgot how much fun it was. Not to mention the Lone Star Saloon, the bear bar which is around the corner. Just call me Goldie Locks for the evening. Yes I did just go there.

I think I kind of, sort of, mayyybbeeeeee have a crush on this contestant and maybe want to bare his children...

Local drag celebrity Cookie Dough performed B-52's "Love Shack"... Jon, Maria, Dave, and I got to dance on stage during the performance. See us dancing in the back? Serving ya'll with the Love Shack realness. So. Much. Fun.

The 12 men who make up the calendar... Woof! The cool thing about this event is that they raised $62,547 BEFORE calendar sales, which is impressive. Nothing gets donations like shirtless men, right? Look out for the 2013 Bare Chest Calendar and make donations here!

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