Monday, May 21, 2012

Glamorous Pirates

Ahoy! Sorry for the lack of posts. Of course like everyone else, I've been busy with a thing called... life. Truth is, work has been draining me to the point where I'm just so exhausted to post when I'm off. And in between graduations, birthdays, trip planning, and summer festivities, it seems like the month has flown by with no real time to update.

BUT, I did have time to attend Bay to Breakers this past Sunday. I ended up missing last years big 100th anniversary race, so I knew I had to attend this year.

Pirates. So much better then ninjas. And of course Around the Bay Gal Xtine had to rock the fabulous red sequin eye-patch to keep a level of fanciness... cause that's just what we do. It was Xtine's first B2B, so of course Jay had to be there for his Bey. 

Okay, so all I really wanted was to rock this awesome parrot I got as part of my pirate get up. By far my most favorite thing about my costume... I might just wear it on any given day. Kidding... kind of.

Shenanigans everywhere. Xtine and I along with some new friends we made along the way trekked all the way from the Civic Center to the edge of Golden Gate Park. Such a great distance, but funny how time isn't relevant when you inebriated at 9 in the morning.

One of the new friends we made! His name is Matt. He's the horse in the middle sniffing coke out of his coke scoop pinky nail. Haha. Funny how at the time, this whole scene seem to be so normal.
Another friend we made drinking beer from an old Chinese man. Amazing.

Okay, this was by far my favorite costume out of the entire event. Loofas! You can't see but their boyfriends were dressed up as Dove soap bars and there was one hunky male dressed in a bath towel. I LOVED this idea! I might have to steal it for Halloween. Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I guess that's why I like B2B so much... it's like Halloween in middle May. Only in the day time with everyone shitfaced!

I was so burnt out and got this gnarly farmers tan which I really need to even out ASAP. It's really not the bizzness at the moment. But it was worth the hotmessness of this past Sunday morning. Can't wait till next year!

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