Friday, April 20, 2012

Mid April Holiday

I swear April 20th is like a national holiday for San Francisco. The entire city smelled liked pot, no matter what neighborhood you were in. On top of that, the weather was in its mid 70's today, which basically made everyone excited to be outside to spark a doobie.

Amazingly, I had the day off today. And so did Cody. So we decided to enjoy the weather by going to Golden Gate Park, where 80% of San Francisco was at, I'm sure.
  High tops... I love high tops :). And I love people watching, and we pretty much got the best seat in the park to do that. So many interesting people out today.
  See!... Told you about 80% of San Francisco was at the park today. With all these people here, I could've sworn I was at Outside Lands or something.
  Buddies. Pals. Partners. Besties. BFFs. Companions. Amigos. Friends.
  Goodies. Not the Ciara kind. Not that I would ever make marijuana confections, but I thought these were such a good idea. And cute too. I like cute things.

Sunset. Being in a sea of stoned people, it made me excited for summer. Cause you know... that's the first thing I get excited about when I'm in a sea of stoned people.

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