Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back To Asia

Remember that time I had my birthday at AsiaSF? Neither do I. That whole night of my 25th birthday was a big blur, but at least I got some cute pictures out of it.

Anyway, my editor sent me to AsiaSF in SoMa recently for an assignment. Totally haven't been here in the last 2 years. Totally still fun. If you haven't been here, they're known for their "gender illusionist", a.k.a. male to female transexuals who hold more swag and cunty-ness then Sasha Fierce herself. Watch out Beyonce, they're coming for you. Here's some pictures of the lovely ladies:

The staff is amazing and this place is so fun. Owner Skip Young and manager Micah were more then accommodating and of course by the pictures, the girls look great. Made me reminisce the time I turned 25... er, I mean whatever I remember from that night! I need to come here more often and take Diva 101 classes from these girls. They're fabulous! Speaking of birthdays, mines is coming up! Pisces' season is officially here!

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