Sunday, February 5, 2012

Deco Draggin'

My friend Reggie texted me asking what I was doing Friday night. No set plans, I asked if he had anything in mind. He was telling me Atiyana Barbie was going to be debuting at Deco Lounge in the Tenderloin performing a Lil' Kim song. I'm there!

Wait... who the hell is Atyiana Barbie? It's actually Reggie's drag persona that he adopted over the years. It's kinda funny because a couple years ago "Atiyana" and I attended a Lil' Kim concert... and now she's performing a Lil' Kim songs.

Atiyana and I a couple years ago during the Lil' Kim concert. Such a fun night. By the way, remember when I rapped onstage with Lil' Kim?

Anyway, Atiyana and her friend, Junipera Minono performed "I Can Love You" by Mary J. Blige (featuring Lil' Kim). Atiyana was Lil' Kim, of course. Check out the snippet!:

WERRRRRQ! It's been a minute since I've stepped into Deco Lounge. I forgot how seedy and divey this place was, but so much fun. (Side note: all boy amateur strip night on Sundays at Deco. You know you want to). I <3 drag queens. And we all know I <3 Lil' Kim. And I <3 grungy boys in dive bars. So you know I <3 last Friday night. *Katy Perry voice*.

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