Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burgers Galore

I remember when starting my old job in the Fillmore, I was struggling to find a good restaurant to have lunch at. Yay to finally finding one a couple months ago.

Sweet Maples in Lower Pac Heights (on Sutter and Steiner). Not to be confused with Sweet LIME (a Thai restaurant right across the street, that has no relations to here). Actually, I can't take credit for discovering this place, since my friend Carrie is the one who suggested on having lunch here during our break. Thanks to her, it's a top choice for lunch when we have time.

Reasons to enjoy this place: Sweet potato tater tots (pictured above), burgers/chicken sandwiches (again, pictured above), and their paninis are worth trying. Not to mention the service is quick, essential when you're on a tight schedule with patients the way Carrie is. Fast and good lunches, can't complain!

-Eat and be jolly.

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