Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Love Love Love

So this is what Saint Valentine's Day has brought me to this year...

$200 bottle of Kongsgard wine (given to me by a pass client, of course) and a fondue dinner somewhere in SoMa.

Hope everyone got to spend today with people they love! Whether it's with a significant other, family, or friends. Around the Bay Gal Xtine did me the pleasure of being my date at Fondue Cowboy in SoMa. Thank you Fondue Cowboy for hosting a great dinner. Highly recommend coming here for the atmosphere and food. Or if you just want to gain like 10 pounds the way I'm sure Xtine and I did.

I love Valetine's Day. But then again, I love any overly decorated Hallmark holiday. With that said, here's some virtual V-day for all you out there! Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7x7 Big Eat: Super Burrito @ El Farolito

This one was easy to cross off my 7x7 list, simply because El Farolito is one of my favorite taquerias in the city. Not only is the food good, but it's way affordable too... The super burrito is a little under 6 dollars and it's like the size of my HEAD!

What is better then a super burrito at El Farolito? Super nachos to compliment it. By the way, the super nachos are totally NOT mine and no, I didn't finish my burrito. I love to eat, but I know my limits.

-Eat and be jolly.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sundays With Mahlae

This past Sunday my friend, Mahlae Balenciaga, invited me to Harry Denton's Starlight Room in Union Square for brunch. I've been wanting to go to the Starlight Room for ages, but never had a chance to. Mahlae performs here on Sundays during their brunch/drag show, along with a few other performers.

Top button, please. Oh here you go... enjoy this view from my penthouse. Okay, not really. 21 stories up, you're bound to get some awesome views. I can imagine the view being amazing at night.

And here's a picture of my dining room. Damn, I'm fancy, huh? *Swizz Beatz Voice*. Okay really, I'll stop now.

Mmm. Brunch before the show. Everyone knows sweets are my weakness. Unfortunately, I had a rough night before, so I really didn't get to have a full brunch. But from what I had, it was amaze-ballz. With my birthday coming up (Pisces, heyyyy), I'm thinking of celebrating here during brunch. Knowing the heifers that me and my friends are, it's bound to be a good time.

Ms. Mahlae paying tribute to Whitney Houston (R.I.P. Nippy! You'll be missed). She performed "I Will Always Love You". So appropriate, and seemed to be everyone's favorite. I've only seen Mahlae perform a handful of times, and she always does an amazing job! Her second number was more upbeat with a Rihanna "S&M/We Found Love" mix. Should've taken a video of the performance, but I was to busy dancing in my seat. Sorry.

Gisele B√ľndchen who? Naomi Campbell what? After the show, I had an impromptu photo shoot with Mahlae. Serving face that even Chanel Iman would even be jealous about. And all red, just in time for Valentine's Day :).

Totally not your typical Sunday. Thank you for inviting me, Mahlae! I had a blast! Check out Mahlae Balenciaga along with other performers at the Starlight Room every Sunday. Mahlae hosts a number of events all around the Bay Area when she's not performing at the Starlight Room. Including hosting a couple special events at various clubs. If you can't catch her here, you're bound to catch her at another function.

Friday, February 10, 2012

7x7 Big Eat: Morning Bun @ Tartine

A friend from work was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to Tartine Bakery for my birthday back in March. Needless to say I was excited, since I never been regardless of its close location to my apartment. 2 months later, I finally used it on the infamous Morning Bun!

I'll Be Your American Boy!

My best friend Jon from The Stuff I'm Into Blog left our homes in San Francisco and made way across the Bay Bridge into Oakland... To see Estelle who made way across the pond into The New Parish to perform in her All Of Me Tour. I've never been to The New Parish, it's a smaller more intimate venue, which I love for concerts.

Jon and I amongst the crowd waiting to see Elle Varner. Sweaty from dancing. And we may or may not be a little inebriated in this picture. People always mention how much we look alike, I didn't realize it till now. And yes, I do need those glasses to see.

Elle Varner was amazzzing (yes with 3 z's, she was that great). I'm really liking her music, and her 2 singles she has released: Only Wanna Give It To You and Refill. She sings, writes, and plays guitar. Her sound is just... fresh. I'm in love with it.

Social media story time: Jon was tweeting Elle before her performance, and she was tweeting him back! So before she came on, we told her to "look for the Asian boys wearing glasses." As soon as she gets on stage, she asks "Where are my Asian boys wearing the glasses?"... Of course Jon and I go bananas. Totally made our night.

We continued talking to her via twitter trying to meet her, and we were sooooo close! But Miss Elle Varner ended up having to leave, promising Jon and I she'll meet us next time... We're holding you to that promise, Elle! I have proof of it on my twitter.

Estelle is such a great and fun performer. I loved her stage presence. She interacts with the crowd through out her entire performance, which was awesome. And she's gorgeous!

Estelle is so good live. She was giving me evveerrrything I needed. RnB to soul to hip hop to dance... it was just a GOOD time. This was probably one of the funnest shows I've been to in a long time. Here she is performing American Boy:

Fun, right? Funny how she wants an American boy, because I'd totally want a British bloke.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Deco Draggin'

My friend Reggie texted me asking what I was doing Friday night. No set plans, I asked if he had anything in mind. He was telling me Atiyana Barbie was going to be debuting at Deco Lounge in the Tenderloin performing a Lil' Kim song. I'm there!

Wait... who the hell is Atyiana Barbie? It's actually Reggie's drag persona that he adopted over the years. It's kinda funny because a couple years ago "Atiyana" and I attended a Lil' Kim concert... and now she's performing a Lil' Kim songs.

Atiyana and I a couple years ago during the Lil' Kim concert. Such a fun night. By the way, remember when I rapped onstage with Lil' Kim?

Anyway, Atiyana and her friend, Junipera Minono performed "I Can Love You" by Mary J. Blige (featuring Lil' Kim). Atiyana was Lil' Kim, of course. Check out the snippet!:

WERRRRRQ! It's been a minute since I've stepped into Deco Lounge. I forgot how seedy and divey this place was, but so much fun. (Side note: all boy amateur strip night on Sundays at Deco. You know you want to). I <3 drag queens. And we all know I <3 Lil' Kim. And I <3 grungy boys in dive bars. So you know I <3 last Friday night. *Katy Perry voice*.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burgers Galore

I remember when starting my old job in the Fillmore, I was struggling to find a good restaurant to have lunch at. Yay to finally finding one a couple months ago.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SF Instagram - School Of Modeling

She's serving me face while giving me couture. So editorial on 21st and Valencia. Oh yeah, and happy February, everyone!