Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inside-Out & Through

[rant]I totally wish I had some artistic talent. Drawing, painting, photography... Anything! But sadly, I came to accept the fact that I don't. I'm a creative person in general, but my artistic ability is going to stay at a Martha-Stewart-grade-school-arts-n-crafts level. Boo. Needles to say, I still enjoy checking out new art. [/rant]

James invited me to the closing reception for artist Nathan Richard Phelps at the E6 Gallery on Market Street. Despite dodging about 6 crack heads walking there, it was all groovy once I met up James and his friend Heather, who is friends with the artist of the hour.

Phelps' current exhibit at E6 Gallery is called Inside-Out & Through. The exhibit is going to be up for another week or so. All black and white. Close up, his paintings and ink work looks super hectic and busy, but stepping back you can see how it forms something shapely.

My favorite one. Imagine having this as your wall paper in your home. How intense would that be? I just really liked the shape of this painting. Heather, who also use to live with Nathan, mentioned he use to do these paintings in color too.

DJ Jason Kendig of Honey Soundsystem. I reallllllly wanted to pet his beard. I love men with facial hair. #fact.

James and Heather. James looking silly. Funny guy. Check out Nathan Richard Phelps artwork before it goes away next week. Be prepared to walk down Crack Head Row on the way there though. Just a little warning before seeing a little art.

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