Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'll Take You To The Candybar

My family has a history of diabetes, so you would think one would stay away from places called "Candybar", right? Helllllll to the NO. Was catching up with Around the Bay Gal Xtine over dessert and bubbly after work last night. We stopped by Candybar in the Western Edition after dinner to discuss the meaning of life. And to eat dessert. Mainly to eat dessert.

Take the 5-Fulton bus to the Candybar. I first came to Candybar for an assignment my editor gave me to check this place out. I usually don't order anything when going to a place on assignment, but being the chubbster I am, I totally got dessert to go the first time here. I couldn't help it.

Xtine with her Strawberry Kiss champagne cocktail. I ordered the Champagne Mango Bellini, that had a scoop of mango sorbet in it... empty calories galore. Sweet sweet empty calories.

You know what else has empty calories? The "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" dessert I ordered. Basically an oversized peanut butter cup smothered in blackberry syrup and candied peanuts. #HellaFat.

This place is full of eye candy as well. Not so much the people, I mean the cool art on the walls. Perfect place to add photos to your instagram album... Cause you know we all do that. Btw, the candle-lit ambiance totally screams "date spot". Take notes, fellows.

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