Friday, January 6, 2012

For Penny

As some of you may or may not know, until recently I was working at a physical therapy clinic, leaving last month. My 2 years at the clinic gave me great experience, but I ultimately decided that the world of physical therapy wasn't for me, so I decided to leave and pursue other endeavors.

My favorite part of working at the clinic was definitely working with the patients. It was fun meeting a wide array of people and working with them to better their health. I built friendships with many of them, some whom I still keep in touch with/hang out with today.

One of the friends I made was Penny. The first day of meeting her, we clicked instantly. We would always gossip and talk during her visits and share random stories about what was going on with our lives - food being one of the main subjects, she was a major foodie. We blamed us clicking so well due to the fact that we were both Pisces and shared many personality traits.

I knew that Penny had an on going battle with cancer. I recently found out that her cancer spread so aggressively, that she couldn't continue with her chemotherapy treatments. She is currently receiving hospice care, where she can spend her last days comfortably.

In preparation for her passing, a trust fund account was set up for her 3 young boys. Donating would be greatly appreciated.

I know this subject is totally of topic compared to my usual blog posts, but this is something that I hold dear to my heart. If you are unable to donate, please just send positive and warm thoughts to Penny and her family!

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