Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dirty Ghosts

I've been so out of touch with music lately. My iPhone is filled with rap/pop/indie/rNb circa 2003, no lie. So it's refreshing hearing something new that I actually like, rather then replaying old Le Tigre albums over and over again from back when I was a teenager - Feminist Sweepstakes, anyone? I still love them!

Last year I went to a show for San Francisco's Noise Pop Music Festival and attended a show that SF's own Dirty Ghosts were performing in. I really liked them.

Come to find out they have an album coming out this February! I went to see them play at the Knock Out in Bernal Heights since it's been a while since I've seen them play.

Dirty Ghosts looking like Blurry Ghosts. Better pictures of them on my past blog post here. They played a quick set, but it was nice hearing them live again. They're currently making their rounds touring around San Francisco, I'm assuming for their album release, which I will be snatching up with my claws when available. And they will be playing in Noise Pop again this year in February.

I pretty much liked every track they've released so far - "Shout It In" being my favorite at the moment:

Front woman Allyson Baker - I love her voice! There's also a remix to "Shout It In" featuring Aesop Rock, who happens to be Allyson's husband. Can't wait to hear their new album!

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