Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Sangin'

Stopped by The Mint last night for Melissa's birthday. I found out that she comes here weekly, I think I might have to join her in that tradition. I <3 this place! Any karaoke bar that has the Backstreet Boys, Journey, Pat Benatar, and Tu Pac on the same list of songs to choose from is an automatic win.

Birthday gal Melissa, Xtine, and I with the extensive menu of songs.

List of Lil' Kim songs to choose from. And we all know how much I love my Lil' Kim, so I was pretty much in karaoke heaven. Actually, Around the Bay Gal Xtine was too. Can you guess what song from the list she decided to sing?

Or uh, I mean rap??? Lil' Wayne "A Milli"??? Of course she would.

Christmas is a couple days away, and so is the new year! Where has the time gone??


  1. Thank you so much for coming! I'm sorry I had to scoot away so quickly after your arrival, but I'm old and no longer can stay out late (lame!). However, the invitation to join me on my weekly singing adventures always stands.

  2. Anytime! It was a blast! You introduced me to a place I should be going to more often in 2012!