Friday, December 9, 2011

Salt Shaker - Moroccan Edition

Probably one of the funnest restaurants in San Francisco: El Mansour in the Richmond. But lets be real, any restaurant that allows you to belly dance, has plush decor, and lets you eat Moroccan food with your hands is a guaranteed good time.

Genie bottle - this is what my bedroom will look like. Only difference is mines will come with hunky Moroccan boys fanning me with big leaves and feeding me grapes. I haven't been to El Mansour in ages! I forgot how fun it is. Been trying to plan a dinner here for awhile now with a group of friends, and we finally made it happen.

We were shaking it like our rent was due. The dancer was trying to show us a thing or two to Anastasia and I, but we had to much flavor for her. Mmhmmmm *snaps*.

Adore them :). If you do end up making a trip to El Mansour, be sure to ask for the orange blossom scented water after washing your hands... We were really into it.

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