Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Starting To Feel Like Christmas

I've been working/living in the Castro for about 4+ years already, and one thing I always looked forward to was seeing the Castro Christmas tree during the holidays. I was never really into Christmas, so seeing the tree was my way of getting some holiday spirit I guess? Anyway, I use to work at one of the neighborhood's retail stores for about 3 years where the tree was right in front of, so it was kind of hard to NOT get the Xmas spirit when this 30 foot tall tree was all up in your grill.

Newly elected Mayor Ed Lee, SF Queen Donna Sachet, and Santa Claus lighting the tree. I stumbled on the tree lighting ceremony this year during a quick visit to the bank, which I had no idea was happening. Everyone knows that Halloween is my favorite time of the year... But I guess I felt the Christmas cheer after the ceremony... I guess.

B-T-Dubs, the tree is fake this year!!! So is the tree in Union Square, from what a friend was telling me! I guess hard times are here this season?

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