Monday, November 21, 2011

Being A California Gurl

The other night, Around The Bay Gal Xtine and I got to let out the inner pre teenage girl in us come out with Katy Perry in Oakland. Not really a Katy Perry gay, but thought it would be a fun last minute thing to do out of boredom. And it was literally last minute - we purchased the tickets a couple hours before the concert.

Love going to shows with her. Every concert we've been too together, we always end up taking a picture like this. Xtine pointed out how the concerts we've attended with each other have been getting more... pop? First Jay-Z to Lil' Kim to Mariah Carey to Katy Perry??? We're totally losing our street credibility here.

It was pretty much what I expected to see at any pop star concert: a mix between San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade and a slew of 13 year old girls. And of course Katy Perry in her multiple costume changes which matched her whole "Candy Land" stage layout. Gave me diabetes just looking at it. Fun times!

Favorite part was when Katy "ate" a pot brownie during a skit in her concert and then asking if it came from Haight Street. She knows what's up.

14,000 people in attendance??? I guess everyone wanted a piece of the California Gurl. I always forget how much fun live music is. I think I should start checking out the San Francisco music scene again.

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