Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunday Is For Shopping

I don't cook. I wish I did. But the extent of my cooking is pouring cereal into a bowl along with 1% milk. Going to the farmers market is kind of a big deal for me. On a Sunday morning at that.

See the Golden Gate Bridge in the back round faintly? Met up with Ms. Carrie in her neck of the woods of the Marina for a day of produce shopping a couple Sundays ago. Or I mean, Carrie shopped, as I watched in amazement at the vegetables I didn't know existed, in colors I didn't know they came in...

... I mean, yellow string beans... Salads with flowers in it... REALLY?

Fort Mason has a pretty awesome Farmers Market every Sunday. Well, awesome to me, a person who goes grocery shopping once a month. For cereal. And milk. Anyway, This French lady and her pastries is enough incentive to check out Fort Mason's market on Sunday. Her almond croissants are the bizzness.

Carrie and her almighty broccoli. Get it, gurl! I'm almost inspired to cook now!

Oh yeah, the Roli Rotti Chicken truck is another reason you need to come here on a Sunday. So I didn't leave empty handed... 1/4 rotisserie chicken on rose mary roasted potatoes. Okay, heifer rant finished.

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