Monday, October 3, 2011

Fair, After Fair, After Fair, After Fair

This is what I woke up to as I stepped out my apartment on Sunday morning:

Amazing. If you live in San Francisco, you pretty much know that between the months of May - October, there's a street festival every weekend. Despite it already being October, the Castro Street Fair is the only one I attended this past summer. Don't judge. A gal was busy, okay?

My roomie Seany enjoying his sisig he got from the Filipino food truck. It was organic, too! How fancy. My fish and chips on the other hand, was the total opposite of organic. Promise I enjoyed it despite my confused look.

Who worked it better? Korey or Tyler?

I got my 2012 copy. Did you?

Did this year seem smaller then usual? For some reason, it seemed like there was less people this year. Oh well. Waking up to a drag show was good enough to make this year's street fair fun.

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