Thursday, August 18, 2011

Piano Girl

Lets add the Comstock Saloon in North Beach to "Kim's Favorite Places" list. My friend Antoine kept raving about this place, so we decided to have a date with the city (Carrie Bradshaw style, ya'll) and check out Comstock on a Thursday night.

Can't have a saloon without liquor. The owners are renowned bartenders from Absinthe Brasserie & Bar in Hayes Valley (another spot I fancy), so you know the cocktails are lovely. Something Antoine enjoyed that night, I'm sure.

Grilled shrimp louie salad. Not my fav, but like I said, think this place is known more for their cocktails then their food.

The Lonely Piano Girl... Can you spot her in the picture above? She was lovely.

In other news: I am obsessed with the Instagram App for the iPhone. I've playing with this app all day (and night), if you couldn't tell already from the pictures above!

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