Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out And About The Town

Yesterday was a festival here in Aix called Journees du Patrimoine. It's basically a weekend festival where the entire city open buildings to the public (which they wouldn't generally do on a normal day) and you get to just explore. I've been spending a lot of time make day trips out of Aix, so this was a perfect time to get acquainted with the city a little more.

Hotel de ville (Town Hall center). Love the picture of Naomi with the umbrella!

Doll house. Checking some things out in the Vieil Aix Museum, as well as checking myself out in that antique mirror I found in the museum.

In the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur. The dim lighting was making me doze off a little. That was fixed from the loud organ playing. Woke me right up.

It wouldn't be a complete NoShookHands post without posting some sort of food, right? This is a croque monsieur. Basically a ham and cheese sandwich that's deep fried. I know, right? You'll either love it or hate. I've been eating like there's no tomorrow here. I'll need to go on a diet when I get back to San Francisco. WHEN I get back :).

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