Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Life In The Last 30 Hours

Overhead view from my flight from Paris to Southern France. Pretty, huh?

French pastries for breakfast the next morning? Yes please. FYI: we got the butter croissant, chocolate croisant, raspberry tart, and an apple tart pastry :).

In the garden of the house I am staying at. Having those pastries for breakfast is quite lovely with this view.

Yes girl, we drivin' in France, ya'll! On the way to the countryside.

Stopping for lunch in a quaint restaurant on the way to Northern France for the counrtyside. The food here is fab! Expect me to be a little chubbier when I get back home to San Francisco.

Roman ruins Glanum, in Provence St. Remy, also known as the place Van Gogh painted Starry Night.

A top a chateau overlooking Les Baux, a mountain side village.

Hey guys! If you didn't know already, I am currently in France, Aix en Provence to be exact! NoShookHands is outta San Francisco and overseas, ya'll! France is lovely, I wouldn't mind staying here for longer. The food is awesome, the weather is great, the clothes are fabulous, the people are cute. Can't complain!

I originally wanted to do video blogs for my trip, but I have been having trouble doing so. I'll try again soon. And I will be in Paris in a couple of days. It is currently 1am here (can't sleep!), and I really need to head to bed... going to the Mediterranian Coast tomorrow in Southern France. Ugh. Such a horrible life. [/sarcasm]... Till next time. Au revoir!


  1. you look cute and i like all the colors. i hope you're having fun! go meet some french men! ;)

  2. oh i wanna goes! looks so pretties. enjoy the french!!! :)