Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Green, White, And Red

I need to hang out in North Beach more often. Why don't I? I always thought of this neighborhood as a little touristy, but I realized that there's actually a good balance of it being a place where tourist should check out when visiting San Francisco, and a place where local SFians enjoy coming to eat, shop, play, etc.

Around The Bay Gal Xtine and I roamed the streets of Little Italy in search of a few good Italian men. JAY-KAY. We're to busy being heffers thinking about food and shopping to be occupied with boys. And that's pretty much how we spent our time after work last night. The cool thing is that Xtine works a short distances walk from the shenanigans of North Beach. Oh God. I would gain so much weight from having lunch everyday at the restaurants that line up on Columbus Ave if I worked in the area.

We started it. Google Ms. Carol Doda (who can still be seen around North Beach, by the way!). You'll see what I mean.

Xtine and I getting our "Lady and the Tramp" on at Calzone's Cucina. Nice sunny days = dinner outdoors. Oh, and don't mind the bright lights on our faces. We just exude an angelic glow naturally. It's from our souls being pure and virginal. Duh.

Oh look, this is Xtine and I rotting our teeth with the endless barrels of taffy. We stopped by Z Cioccolato to grab some treats for dessert. And for cavities. And diabetes. And an increase of our blood sugar level. If you spend 5 dollars or more, you get a free bag of their in store made caramel popcorn. Just sayin'.

The aftermath. Bucket of salt water taffy. My favorite is the apple pie.

Favorite discovery of the day: Al's Attire. This place is full of custom hand made goods, and if it wasn't for me being in such a budget deficit (look up "Kim's France Trip"), half this boutique would have been gone and in my already full closet. Actually to my surprise, there are a couple of these gems scattered around North Beach. I found a couple boutiques worth making my next shopping trip to.

My favorite building (architecturally) in San Francisco: Columbus Tower.

I can't wait till "summer" to begin. I've gotten a taste of the nice weather in North Beach yesterday, and I would like some more, please.

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