Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bizarre Thursday Night

It's Thursday night. I'm bored. I'm awake and kicking. I don't want get home late due to work early the next day. Thank goodness for Nightlife at the Academy.

Why, you ask? Well, lets just say that the older I get, I'm starting to realize I'm not that 21 year old I was 5 years ago. Uh huh... yeah I admit it. I can't spend long hours out at night and bounce back in the morning with a smile on my face. It's getting hard keeping it cute in the day time while running on 4 hours of sleep!

Back to my point. Thank goodness for Nightlife at the Academy. Because I can go out and have fun and be in bed by midnight, all on a weekday at that.

The last time I've been to a Nightlife event was about a year ago. I've always liked the Academy of Science, and it's been a minute since I've been, and my friend Joey has never been, so we decided to make a visit. Also to check out the current exhibit going on - The Summer of Slither: Snakes and Lizards. Which has over 60 new reptiles that would cause me to raise hell if I ever encountered them in the wild. One reptile in particular: Lemon Drop, the 15 foot albino python. Cute name, not so cute animal (in my opinion, of course).

So I couldn't get a picture of Lemon Drop because I couldn't find him. You would think a 15 foot snake would be easy to spot in a small cage. Well, it wasn't. I did, however, find this animatronic model of an Anaconda, from J.Lo's Oscar worthy movie "Anaconda". [/sarcasm]

The cool thing about Nightlife at the Academy are the different themes/events they have every Thursday night. The night I went just happened to be a Bazaar Bizarre event, which is a San Francisco indie art fair that happens once a year. I didn't get to attend the last fair that happened (even though I really wanted to!), so I thought this would've given me a taste of what I missed out on.

My favorite table of them all: Pretty Fun Jewelry by Riquelle. She's a designer based out of Oakland, and her jewelry is pretty fun, as she claims. Not only that, but pretty cute too.

Joey got me this nifty ring from Riquelle, which I love! Thanks, Joey! And yes, the propeller does spin.

Artist Cody Vrosh. The funny thing about this artist is that I actually bought some prints from him a couple months ago when he had a stand at Japan Town's Cherry Blossom Festival, which I still have yet to frame. Love his work!

The Poetry Store by Silvi Alcivar. She's such a doll and her little set up is adorable.

My favorite section of the Academy is and will always be the aquarium area. It's the Pisces in me! By the way, did you know the Academy also does Academy Sleepover nights where you can spend the night? I had no idea, and I kind of want to take my baby niece to it, as an excuse for me to go myself. But she doesn't have to know that.

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