Saturday, June 18, 2011

Golden Gates

Can I just say that as I'm sitting here typing this entry, I'm actually breaking a sweat? Looks like summer is finally here, with no complaints from me. I LOVE seasons, so this is the type of weather I prefer to have in mid June! Finally!

With this nice weather (which should be lasting till this weekend... great news for all you attending SF's Pride this year) it's pretty much a must that the people of San Francisco go spend part their day at a park. Why this is so, I have no clue, but any day in its mid 70's with sunny skies, you're guaranteed to find Dolores Park bustling with people.

I decided to migrate west a little and explore Golden Gate Park instead... Something I haven't done in awhile.

I miss Golden Gate Park. I use to live 2 blocks from it when I resided in the Inner Richmond, and even then there's so much more of the park that I haven't checked out yet. By the way, did you know it's bigger then Central Park in NYC?

I always tend to walk around the areas between the Conservatory of Flowers and the De Young Museum, which is such a small fraction of the park. Who wants to come with me to explore farther down the park next time?

I love being engulfed by the trees while in Golden Gate Park. Makes you forget you're in a city for a short while.

My favorite part of the park... Infront of the Conservatory of Flowers. To bad with the given weather we've been dealt with so far, the flowers haven't been in bloom outside. Next order of bussiness is to rent paddle boats on Stowe Lake... Who's in? The weather can only get better from here!

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