Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Young, Fresh, And New - SF's Newest Designers

Excuse me as I have another "put Kim in further credit card debt because he wants to go shopping again" moment.

The Art Institute held its 2011 Fashion Line Up this past Saturday, where I attended to show support to my friend Cameron, who was showing not one, but TWO collections this time around. (shown above)

You may remember him from the last show I attended of his at the Minna Gallery about a month ago. Cam and a couple of his colleagues were showing off their collection at this event held at the San Francisco Design Center in Potrero Hill. I was lucky enough to be given a free pair of VIP tickets, so I was able to be dazzled by every one's clothes from a close distance.

The show was awesome! It was really nice to see a group of 16 FRESH new designers show the attendees what they were made of. You can definitely see the diversity in their design aesthetics as each collection went down the runway. It was a good non-stop hour of clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Now you see why I was having one of those "lets go shopping" moments?

The show featured everything from evening wear to sports wear and everything in between. I think that's what kept the show so interesting... the diversity in the clothes.

At the end of the night, 2 awards for best construction were given, and 1 award for best in overall show, along with cash prizes. Accomplished designers Bacca da Silva, Angela Medlin, and Joseph Domingo were also in attendance judging each designers work.

Cameron and 2 of his models. The best part of the night was seeing Cameron snatch up the award for best in overall show! A well deserved award in my opinion.

Cameron and I. Since his last show, there are a couple items from his collection I've been eyeing... *coughJACKETScough*.

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