Monday, June 27, 2011

San Francisco Pride 2011 Picture Book

Now that the hoopla of San Francisco's Pride is over, and I am *semi* recovered from all the shenanigans, I think it's safe to say that Pride has knocked my ankle high wing-tip boots right off me once again. The excitement of Pride crept up on me this past weekend (this year is FLYING by!), so I had no set plans besides the typical street festivities and what not.

With the string of street fairs/festivals going on right now, Pride is one of the top events that many people attend. I don't think any other Pride events in the United States can really compare to the one here in San Francisco. And if they could, San Francisco is definitely in the top 3. I guess a lot of it has to do with the fact that ALL of the city celebrates Pride, not just certain neighborhoods/parts of town. Which is nice knowing that the entire city is involved.

I remember the first San Francisco Pride I attended when I was 19 years old and how excited I was! Now that I am no longer my 19 year old self and I've been living in the city for a descent amount of time, a lot of the excitement has died down for me. But it is always refreshing to see first time Pride goers and their excitement of it all.

Such. A. Good. Idea. 2011 Pride Yearbook! Although I didn't get to sign him, since there was no space left.

It wouldn't be a "street festival" unless you ate something fried and 8 dollars, right?

One of the highlights of the day: seeing Luciana and her hot boy dancers perform (with out knowing she was going to be there!). I love Luciana! So seeing her work it on stage was a pleasant surprise.

One of my favorite pictures I took at Pride. How epic is that flag? Imagine hauling that thing around through the sea of people who attended. Loves it!

Unfortunately I missed the actual parade going down Market Street because I didn't get up early enough (blame Saturday night for that). But now that I think of it, I don't think I've woken up early for the parade in the last couple years. Hot mess.

Maybe next year... Assuming next year would be low key, which I doubt it will be, so scratch what I've said... I'll probably miss it next year, too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Young, Fresh, And New - SF's Newest Designers

Excuse me as I have another "put Kim in further credit card debt because he wants to go shopping again" moment.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Golden Gates

Can I just say that as I'm sitting here typing this entry, I'm actually breaking a sweat? Looks like summer is finally here, with no complaints from me. I LOVE seasons, so this is the type of weather I prefer to have in mid June! Finally!

With this nice weather (which should be lasting till this weekend... great news for all you attending SF's Pride this year) it's pretty much a must that the people of San Francisco go spend part their day at a park. Why this is so, I have no clue, but any day in its mid 70's with sunny skies, you're guaranteed to find Dolores Park bustling with people.

I decided to migrate west a little and explore Golden Gate Park instead... Something I haven't done in awhile.

I miss Golden Gate Park. I use to live 2 blocks from it when I resided in the Inner Richmond, and even then there's so much more of the park that I haven't checked out yet. By the way, did you know it's bigger then Central Park in NYC?

I always tend to walk around the areas between the Conservatory of Flowers and the De Young Museum, which is such a small fraction of the park. Who wants to come with me to explore farther down the park next time?

I love being engulfed by the trees while in Golden Gate Park. Makes you forget you're in a city for a short while.

My favorite part of the park... Infront of the Conservatory of Flowers. To bad with the given weather we've been dealt with so far, the flowers haven't been in bloom outside. Next order of bussiness is to rent paddle boats on Stowe Lake... Who's in? The weather can only get better from here!

Friday, June 10, 2011

In Memory Of Anthony Valerio And Lt. Vincent Perez

With the fire that took the lives of 2 fire fighters last week in Diamond Heights, about 200 firetrucks from all over California and 6,000 people were in attendance for the memorial service today.

The trucks lined up and down Geary Street, leading to St. Mary's Cathedral. It was bittersweet seeing the stream of trucks up and down the street. It was great seeing the support from all who attended. I was pretty much in the middle of the whole service during work, so I decided to check out the fire trucks during my lunch break.

I was surprised to see a fire truck coming as far as Santa Monica. Nice seeing the support coming from all over California. It was so surreal seeing all these trucks lined up one of the busiest and main streets of San Francisco! Neat, but heartbreaking at the same time.

Trust accounts have been made for the Perez and Valerio families and donations can be sent to:

3201 California Street, San Francisco, 94118

Or condolence messages can be sent to:

Fire Station 26, 80 Digby Street, San Francisco, 94131

Monday, June 6, 2011

Neighborhood Appreciation

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood:

Would you be mine?... Could you be mine?...

I must say I love the neighborhood I live in. Lively area, nicer micro-climate, fun stores, awesome nightlife... I woke up early Sunday morning and went for a little walk. This was the most dead I've ever seen the Castro since living here. That all pretty much changed around 9am.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Affirmation

Here's some knowledge being kicked on the sidewalks of the Mission on 17th and Valencia Street.

Who would have thought a trip to Four Barrels Coffee would have been full of wisdom? Happy First Weekend of June, everyone!